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I’m not like Wednesday, but I totally get her!

[Y’all ready for spooky season? I sure am! Let’s talk about a great show with spooky vibes!]

Before I had a chance to watch the show Wednesday, I had already heard a chorus of people

talking about how they headcanon her as Autistic. Even some neurotypical therapists have

made videos about Wednesday’s Autistic traits. When I was out sick from work, I sat down and opened up Netflix (back when password sharing was a thing) to see what all this hype was about.

I enjoyed the show and its creativity with how supernatural creatures, such as werewolves and gorgons, would navigate the turmoil of high school. But as an Autistic viewer, I didn't really relate to Wednesday that much. I’m actually a lot more like her best friend Enid, who wears pastels and arranges social outings and writes a blog (thank you for reading btw).

While I personally could not relate to Wednesday, that does NOT mean I don't think she’s

Autistic or that those who headcanon her as such are wrong. Quite the opposite! I actually see where people are coming from (yes, even the neurotypical fans). But how can I be Autistic and not relate to an autistic character? That is a question worth exploring.

Wednesday’s Attributes

I think the first thing that should be noted is that Wednesday is a character who has qualities

that definitely are unique to her persona and not applicable to the Autistic experience. There is a scene in the very first episode where she dumps a bag of piranhas into a swimming pool with people in it! That’s not an autism thing- that’s a Wednesday thing.

With that caveat out of the way, let’s dive into her character traits that actually are relatable for Autistic viewers. Wednesday sees herself as a loner and does not want to fit in (though we do learn that she craves belonging just like any other person). She speaks monotonously, does not overtly display her empathy for those she cares about, and does not want to engage in social school frivolities. I do understand the sentiment of being alone and disregarding social norms. Yet, I personally wanted to go to prom, tend to put inflections in my voice, and can be quite emotional and forward with my feelings.

I personally do not find a kindred spirit for me in Wednesday. But what about my fellow autists?

Our Autistic Experience

Even though Wednesday and I share very little in common, I can see why several Autistic

people say they relate to her. There’s plenty of Autistics that do not care for large social

gatherings or would rather process their emotions more internally and privately--just like


Am I bothered that there is a character that is “headcannoned” as Autistic that I don’t relate to? Not at all! Even if I can’t personally relate to most of Wednesday’s experiences, if she helps others feel more validated in the way they navigate and respond to the world, then I am all for it!

Our experiences may not always be the same. Some of us can’t stand eye contact, and some of us will stare down the other person. Some of us like foods that others find repulsive (I am from California, but avocados are not my thing). We are all Autistic, but we are also individuals, with our own likes and preferences and needs.

Our community is so diverse, and that does not take away from our Autistic identities at all.

Rather, it enhances the diversity of the Autistic way of being in the world. That, to me, is

something to acknowledge and celebrate!

Wednesday and Beyond

As more Autistic characters begin to grace our screens, I am sure there will be some well-done representation that I can relate too. I enjoyed Quinni from Netflix’s Heartbreak High so much, I even dressed up as her for Halloween last year!

What is a piece of media where you felt represented as an Autistic person? Would you or have you ever dressed up as an Autistic character?

If you would like to talk to someone about your diverse Autistic experiences and how to

self-advocate for your needs, contact us to get started with an autism life coach!

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