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Parents & Partners Coaching

In addition to providing neurodiversity-affirming coaching that's by Autistics and for Autistics, we also coach parents, partners, and anyone else who wants to enhance their communication and collaborations with Autistic people in their life!


If you're looking for information on how best to understand and support an Autistic loved one, friend, or coworker, our Autistic and Autistic-selected team of coaches can help.

A unique approach

Our coaches know first-hand what it's like to be Autistic and will bring a deeper understanding of this lived experience to your sessions. They know what your loved one is going through and can offer insights that neurotypical individuals may overlook. This insider's perspective fosters empathy and a deeper connection between coach, client, and family.


One size does not fit all when it comes to supporting Autistic adults. Autistic coaches recognize the diversity within the Autistic community and tailor their approach to meet the unique needs of each individual and their family. This personalized guidance can lead to more effective communication, improved relationships, and enhanced quality of life for everyone involved.


Instead of focusing solely on deficits or challenges, Autism Personal Coach always emphasizes strengths, abilities, and interests. By highlighting these strengths, they help parents and partners see things in a new light and discover new ways to provide support.

Who can benefit

If you've ever wanted to connect with the Autistic people in your life in a more genuine and supportive way, this coaching can help bridge the gap between communication styles and foster an understanding of the Autistic experience. You may be a parent of an Autistic child; the spouse of an Autistic partner; a school teacher with neurodiverse students; a professional in the disability field; or simply an ally looking to gain insight. Anyone who loves, supports, or even interacts with Autistic people can benefit from our one-on-one coaching. We'll work toward helping you bring greater empathy, compassion, and understanding to your relationship.


Many families have found it helpful to engage coaching for both themselves AND their Autistic loved one. While this combined approach is beneficial, please know that the Autistic people in your life are not required to participate in any coaching sessions.

How our coaches can help

We'll try our best to help you with anything you want to ask us about. Here are some common topics where you might appreciate some insight:

  • Communication forms, styles, and preferences

  • Socialization methods and interpersonal relationships

  • Emotional expression, including Autistic “love languages”

  • Sensory needs and why they’re so important

  • Invisible challenges and co-occuring conditions

  • The meaning and importance of “neurodiversity” as a concept

  • Autistic culture and pride


Do you find yourself having the same confusing conversations over and over with the Autistic person in your life? Is there an issue you just can't figure out? We can help you find the reasons behind the matter and gain a better understanding of everyone's perspective. Often, simply identifying a translation error between Autistic and non-Autistic individuals is a major part of the solution.


Can you tell that your loved one is struggling, but they won't tell you why? You might be surprised to hear that they probably don't know the answer, either! We'll help you understand how alexithymia, inertia, and other challenges could be getting in the way, and how to help.


Autistic people who seem "stuck" in life have often been trying their hardest for many years. We'll help you understand the reasons behind these struggles, and more importantly, we'll help you identify ways you can help. By learning from a coach who has been through the same challenges, you'll discover the tools and methods most effective for Autistic brains. In turn, you'll be able to support and empower your loved one to feel better and move towards the life they want.

Part of your team

Parents and partners of Autistic adults often face unique challenges, from communication barriers to navigating sensory sensitivities. Because many of these misunderstandings stem from different lived experiences, an Autistic coach is an invaluable resource for guiding non-Autistic loved ones in a helpful direction. Our goal is to foster supportive and collaborative environments where all parties can feel understood, respected, and empowered.


In summary, we are uniquely equipped to educate and encourage the parents, partners, and supporters of Autistic adults. Through our Autistic-led coaching services, we offer an unmatched blend of personal experience, empathy, and expertise that can make a profound difference in the lives of families. By embracing neurodiversity and working together collaboratively, we can create a more inclusive and supportive world for Autistic individuals and their loved ones.

Get started today!

If you're ready to deepen your connection with an Autistic person in your life, contact us today and we'll help you get started.


We're so glad you found us--thanks for taking the first step!

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