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No Song Left Unsung: How Non-Speakers use Songwriting as a Creative Outlet

Creativity is Essential

When someone is autistic, there tends to be a focus on what the person needs. This can include completing everyday tasks, drinking enough water, sleeping well, or getting an education. It’s important to remember that what we need should also include some recreational activities. All work and no play sure does make life dull fast, doesn’t it?

While being creative is just plain fun, it actually does have several benefits to the person. Engaging in a creative medium, such as art, music, or poetry, allows people to learn new ways to communicate how one’s feels and one’s desires. Creative activities center self-expression that can boost one’s confidence. Additionally, it may also reduce overall stress for those who fit in an artistic endeavor into their schedule.

Boards and Chords

One form of creative expression that has captured my interest is songwriting. I have been intrigued by songwriting since I was 12 and I learned that the Jonas Brothers would write all of their songs! Even today, I still try to jot down a jingle or two.

But I am not the only one enamored with this form of self-expression. Autistics who are non-speakers, meaning they communicate in other ways besides speaking sentences, have also been drawn to the medium of songwriting. Non-speakers will pen their own lyrics, and then vocalists will sing their lyrics to music. An event that features this is called Boards and Chords. The founder of Autism Personal Coach, Doug Blecher, had the opportunity to attend this virtual event last year. Here’s what he had to share about his experience:

“Boards and Chords was one of the most joyful experiences I have ever witnessed. I was so grateful to see extremely talented non-speaking spellers and typers insightful poetry be brought to the masses in this virtual concert. This was one of the catalysts for me to interview many non-speaking autistics on the Autism Stories podcast.” 

AI is Punk Rock

However, access to singers and musicians may not always be possible. For personal creative expression, it is valid to use whatever tools are available to you. One non-speaker and Autism Stories guest, Sofi Ghassaei, put her lyrics into an AI music generator, and the result turned out to be pretty rockin’.

What’s your Creative Outlet?

When’s the last time you picked up and instrument, or typed out your feelings, or put a brush to a canvas? When the world can overwhelm us, that may be when it is most important to take time out of your week or month to do something that gives life to your soul!

If you want to brainstorm your next creative project, our life coaches would love to hear all the details! We can help you carve out time in your schedule so that you can start that project you keep putting off. And if you don’t know how to get started…well, we got some tips for that too! Book a call with us today!

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