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Our Admin Team


Doug Blecher



It's my job to build an informed and empowering team of Personal Coaches, to ensure they're matched up with the right clients, and to keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes. I also host the podcast Autism Stories, which reflects APC's Autistic-centered strategy by elevating the personal viewpoints of #ActuallyAutistic people. I'm passionate about training to run marathons, eating at new restaurants, enjoying a hot cup of coffee, and watching way too many TV shows. 

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Kris Herrick

Process Coordinator


I work to ensure that APC's day-to-day functions are efficient, impactful, and in alignment with our big-picture strategy. When you contact us through the website, I'm the person answering your message and helping you to get started working with a Coach. I also act as our site designer and content developer. I'm a late-diagnosed AuDHDer (Autism + ADHD) whose special interests include animals, aliens, ancient Egypt, language, and musical theater. My favorite thing to do is crossword puzzles with my cat, Amélie!

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Carly Jalowiec

Digital Planning Specialist


Carly Millis Jalowiec is the Digital Planning Specialist at Autism Personal Coach, where she specializes in internal project coordination, digital process improvement, and operational strategy development. She also contributes to the preparation and coordination of the annual Neurodiverse Culture Festival. Carly is a late-diagnosed autistic advocate who has become a frequently-requested public speaker, appearing on Fox 8 TV, NPR radio, and more. She has given educational presentations to local and national audiences and was featured on Ideastream’s 'Sound Of Us: Living On the Spectrum' series. In her personal life, Carly is a lover of cats, reader of books, and taker of naps. She values the opportunity to share her experiences and support the neurodivergent community.


Christiana Tunnicliffe

Executive Assistant


If entrepreneurs were superheroes, then assistants are the sidekicks. Offering support from behind the scenes, I head our social media pages and am the originator of our newsletters. Each podcast is also given to me to edit so that each guest sounds great! In my spare time, I enjoy engaging with my special interests which include figure skating and Star Wars. I hope to become an occupational therapist one day to help more people be able to receive neurodiversity-affirming care.

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