What do you want to achieve?

At Autism Personal Coach, we think the best way to help Autistic people thrive is by listening to them.

Here's what your Coach will do for you:


We'll help you achieve what you want, wherever and however feels best for you.


Your Coach will help you make a plan and stay on track to achieve your goals.


By building habits that prioritize self-care, you'll learn how to better cope with stress.


You'll be able to make new friends and share strategies with people who "get it"!


At APC, we want to help you feel comfortable so that you can achieve your goals. Below are questions and answers about the support our Coaches provide.

Do I have to travel to meet my Coach?

We know it can be very challenging to go to a new place, so that's why we come to you! Your Coach will meet you in your own environment and where the skills you're building will actually be put to use. For many, this means that coaching takes place in their home, at work, at school, or somewhere in the community. If you do not live near a coach or would prefer to meet virtually, we offer our coaching services through Zoom meeting.


Can we meet up somewhere else?

If you feel unsure about someone coming to your home, that's okay! Your Coach can also meet with you in one of your favorite places, like a library, a park, or a comic book store. We'll help you figure this out when you contact us about starting Coaching services.

Is this the same as seeing a therapist?

Meeting with a Personal Coach is not the same thing as going to therapy and does not focus on processing feelings and emotions the way therapy does. However, Coaching does provide a safe, confidential environment for you to discuss your own individual goals, challenges, and frustrations--and, most of all, your passions!

For example, your coach can help you to:

  • Identify your core values and life goals

  • Become more aware of and meet your own sensory needs

  • Learn self-advocacy and assertive communication

  • Find a therapist who is knowledgeable about autism


... and more!


Many neurodiverse people find that they have a lot of great ideas to pursue, but executive dysfunction gets in the way. Coaching is the perfect opportunity to build strategies and skills while getting some extra planning help.

Your Coach can help you build and follow through with plans for things like:

  • Deciding which areas of your life to work on and when

  • Setting career goals, preparing for the job search process, and interviewing

  • Interdependent living tasks like paying bills and grocery shopping

  • Meal planning, physical activity, and a more consistent sleep cycle

  • Navigating life transitions like moving to a new home


... and more!


It's true, Autistic people love routines. But have you ever wondered if your current habits are 

as beneficial as they could be? You'll gain a lot of new skills while working with your Coach, and adding those skills into your daily routines can help you feel and function better.

Your Coach can help you build better routines for things like:

  • A daily schedule that creates structure and reduces anxiety

  • Bringing everything you need when leaving the house

  • Transitioning between activities more easily

  • Winding down and getting to bed on time

  • Decision making and coping with unexpected changes


... and more!