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Listen up! Actually Autistic voices

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

I'll be honest with you... I started getting bored at autism conferences.

It didn't start off this way. When I first began Autism Personal Coach, I wanted to go to every single autism conference.

I was excited to learn everything I could about how to best support the Autistic community, but eventually, the information became repetitive. I wasn't learning anything new.

That's when I had a revelation! Most of the speakers at these conferences were neurotypical. If you want to have an in-depth understanding of autism, you have to be learning from experts: Actually Autistic people themselves!

This is what partially inspired my Autism Stories podcast, which is committed to bringing on Actually Autistic experts to share their experiences so I (and my listeners) can glean important insights from their knowledge.

Things are changing, and I am grateful that some conferences are beginning to realize how critical it is to hire Actually Autistic presenters. But I'm even more excited to create our own miniature "breakout session" every single week on the Autism Stories podcast!

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