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Find the right job with the right coach

Working through barriers

Finding and maintaining employment is a topic that is on the minds of many Autistic people and their loved ones. While finding a job, much less the right one, can be difficult for anyone, there are several challenges that create barriers for Autistics more so than neurotypicals.

The very first step

The first step necessary to finding and maintaining employment is determining what kind of job is best suited for the individual in question. Every Autistic person is different!

Some Autistic people may thrive with the repetition of stocking shelves and using common workplace scripts. Other Autistic people might prefer working more closely with animals than they do other people, and some Autistic people may thrive most with a job that focuses on their special interest.

A common step the coaches at Autism Personal Coach take with our clients is having them fill out job aptitude tests and discussing the results to find areas of employment that will allow our clients to thrive.

The next steps

The next hurdles are the resume and interview process – two more areas our coaches are well versed in. We can break down do’s and don'ts of the resume in a way that is accessible and easy to understand.

We also offer mock interviews to help our clients practice and what employers will be looking for. Some clients also like to have the mock interview recorded so they can watch again later and see how they’ll come across to a prospective employer.

We can also talk through how to self-advocate during the job search process so our clients get the accommodations and respect they deserve.

Last, but not least

Finally, we can help clients maintain their employment by talking through any problems that arise in the workplace. This can mean teaching skills to help work with bosses, coworkers, and customers, and helping our clients advocate for their workplace needs. If the client desires, we can keep in contact with supervisors to make sure any issues are addressed and everyone involved is happy and taken care of.

P.S. If you are an Autistic woman, nonbinary, transgender, or any other marginalized gender, you can look into the Autistic Women's Alliance. They offer free monthly meetings to connect with others and to share about the joys and challenges that come with employment.

Why employment?

Jobs aren’t only a source of income – they’re also a means of participating in the community, staying mentally and physically active, and adding to a sense of purpose, drive, and fulfillment.

You or your loved one’s perfect job match could be waiting out there, so contact Autism Personal Coach today and find out how we can help you score the job of your dreams!

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