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Kelsey Higgins

Kelsey Higgins

Personal Coach

My approach to coaching is holistic and intuitive. As neurodivergent individuals, we may often struggle to find our place in a society that was not built for us, it may even feel like it was designed to restrict us. My goal as a coach is to guide my clients towards alignment in their own lives. We will work together to break down the everyday struggles that one may face, and highlight the issues at their core. In our collaboration, we will unveil what sparks passion, joy, and love, while also identifying and implementing the skills needed to navigate fear, anger, and feelings of discomfort.

My educational background is in Psychology and Human Development. Although I have spent years reading books and analyzing research, I feel my most valuable information has been learned through the exploration of the natural world.

I grew up on the east coast and that is where I spent most of my life. I moved to Arizona in my mid 20’s, and that is where I met myself for the first time. The desert makes my heart sing, and it brings my soul to ease.

My interests include rock climbing, painting, drawing, architecture & design, film photography, geology, and animals of all kinds.

I love nothing more than a sunset hike with my dog and my partner.

I find joy in simplicity, and I find purpose in complexity.

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