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Danyetta Najoli

Danyetta Najoli

Personal Coach

I am a cultural humility coach who will get to know your way of doing things and work with you to hold you accountable to your own goals.  I will support you and your family members within the coaching relationship. I have a certificate from the Center of Cultural Humility at UC Berkeley and I earned my Master's degree in Organizational Leadership from Regent University.   I also have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Fisk University. I can help you become quite organized in your thinking and how you spend your time through a program I've developed.  Some of my favorite practices are:

  • mindfulness

  • design thinking

  • mind mapping

  • person centered cultural humility (something I’ve coined in 2021)

  • communicating your strengths

These practices help to hold the coaching relationship in a mutually respectful and psychologically safe space.   My clients have shared that they feel seen, heard, valued, and recognized for their unique identities and whole selves when they are being coached by me.   I enjoy listening to my coaching clients and asking interesting questions they have, perhaps, never been asked before.  I also enjoy offering highly customized services to meet my coaching client’s needs and to talk about things that interest them in the coaching sessions.

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I am originally from Harlem, New York City. I love singing, reading, community building, listening to music and podcasts, all things Angela Bassett, traveling internationally, staying in touch virtually with my sisters and uncle who raised us, spending time with friends, being married to my Kenyan husband, and raising my two wonderful teenagers.

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