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Jude Olubodun

Jude Olubodun

Personal Coach

What led me to Autism Personal Coach was my own journey in discovering myself. Why do my experiences make me feel the way they do, and what that means for my place in the world. On that journey I discovered my blackness, my queerness, my neurodivergence, my disabilities, the pride in who I am, the pain in what I lost, and the road to the intersections of them all that are hidden from us every single day. The people and parts of myself who I was told to abandon so that I could reach where I was supposed to be. My goals are to help you on this journey so that you don’t have to hide parts of yourself to reach where you want to be. That your feelings, your body, your existence, your special interests are valid. 

For me, I love cartoons. I love Adventure Time and crying over Marceline and Ice King. I stim by listening to music really loud in my headphones snapping my finger near my ear while I rock. I do my best thinking while I walk through the house, and if I have to sit still I may fall into despair. I love the color pink and listening to music with synthesizers because it feels amazing for my synesthesia. I have two children who are also neurodivergent and we have similar but also different stims and we clash but we also work together so we don’t hurt each other and our differences don’t make us any less neurodivergent. So if you’d like, Come along with me…

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